The Seymour Group has represented Trust departments in the sale of assets for Union bank and Northern Trust. With this depth of experience our team has the technical expertise to market your property and close.

Service uniquely tailored to Trust Administrators needs
We understand that Trust assets require special care. Sometimes this can be as simple as custom support documentation prepared and formatted as the needs dictate. Often the transaction structure, deal terms and marketing plan require a level of flexibility we can deliver but other broker’s can’t.
Every client is in direct contact with our President, Phil Seymour who is involved in all aspects of the sales process. This provides an invaluable resource — access to a decision maker who is skilled at negotiating preferred deal terms and is readily available for consultation.
  • Confidence creates peace of mind

Trust administrators want peace of mind — this comes from confidence that their real estate professionals can accomplish their goals. They must have the stature and industry standing that effectively represents not just the property, but also the Trust and its administrators. The Seymour Group possesses each of these attributes.

  • It’s not just about selling

While selling is important, so is maintaining the property’s value during the process — to prevent any obstacles to closing the sale. The Seymour Group effectively deals with tenants and maintains cordial relationships that could otherwise create vacancies and reduce revenues.

  • Broker’s Price Opinion

Our team of agents and support staff have the capability to deliver a broker’s price opinion — on demand — so that your fiduciary needs are met. We know this is a crucial part of your business as a Trust Administrator, so we strive to craft a compelling basis that establishes a properties value.

  • We know the territory

We know the neighborhoods, demographics, areas of transition, rising and declining values. The real estate market is a moving target and our analysis is based on the most current trends and statistics. Most importantly, whether the property is commercial, residential income or a single family residence we cooperate with all brokers and encourage qualified offers.