What Our Clients Say

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Happy Clients

As a member of the panel of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees, I require a realty group that makes my life easier. The Seymour Group does just that. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Sales involve intricate details beyond a mere real estate transaction. The Seymour group understands them all and provides expert guidance to me and my staff. They also convey the technical details to potential buyers in easily digestible ways that engage rather than deter, due to the nature of the sale. I rely on the Seymour Group for their accurate BOVs, marketing prowess, and communication skills that enhance the documentation I provide to the court.

Howard Grobstein

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Partner at Grobstein|Teeple LLP

The Seymour Group understands the needs of a Receivership / Partition Referee sale. They provide my team with unparalleled service and support. They are thoughtful when creating a BOV, They create the marketing plan, they execute, they close!

Kevin Singer

Court-Appointed Court Receiver and Referee Founder and President of Receivership Specialists President of the California Receivers Forum

Time and time again The Seymour Group provides valuable services to receivers and other fiduciaries. Their responsiveness, experience, and understanding of the court-approval process is extremely valuable to the completion of a successful transaction. Their ability to communicate with other brokers and professionals regarding the required process saves times for everyone involved. Whether the property is residential, commercial, or industrial, The Seymour Group understands the goals and responsibilities of their client, and go the extra mile to achieve the desired result. While there are no guaranties in any transaction, The Seymour Group is invaluable in making the transaction as seamless as possible.

Byron Moldo

Partner ERVIN COHEN & JESSUP LLP Bankruptcy, Receivership and Creditors’ Rights Department

I am a professional court-appointed Receiver and President of FedReceiver, which has more than 75 years of cumulative Receivership experience. When I sell a property, I interview several real estate agents to see who is the best fit for the property. I have retained The Seymour Group on multiple occasions to sell properties. Recently a home in Beverly Hills, a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) case. I engage their services because they provide comprehensive BOVs, a global marketing platform, as well as a keen understanding of the court process. The reports they provide reflect a detailed knowledge of what courts want to see. From start to finish, they function as capable professionals, which comes from years of honing their craft.

Steve Donell

Court Appointed Receiver President of FedReciever

While I have worked with many real estate professionals over the course of my career as a court appointed fiduciary and as legal counsel for other fiduciaries, The Seymour Group stands apart when it comes to professionalism and knowledge regarding Court-ordered sales. Phil Seymour is the best in the business, period.

Blake Alsbrook

Partner ERVIN COHEN & JESSUP LLP Bankruptcy, Receivership and Creditors’ Rights Department

I referred my client, who is the Co-Trustee of a trust, for the sale of the trust’s three apartment buildings in Santa Monica, to The Seymour Group. The Seymour Group is comprised of reliable, trustworthy and conscientious professionals, who have a tender bedside manner which perfectly suited my client. They not only finessed the highest prices possible, but they also implemented an elaborate marketing strategy that convinced purchasers to engage these properties rather than other listings in the same location. My clients are extremely pleased with The Seymour Group, who gave them confidence and reassurance throughout the sales process. I am very gratified that The Seymour Group more than justified my confidence in referring them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell a property.

Bruce Lorman

Real Estate Attorney Law Offices of Bruce Lorman

The Seymour Group is fast, efficient and qualified to handle a wide range of property sales from beaten down residences to the largest of commercial projects. They have played an integral role in complex receivership cases that we have worked on together and are the “go too” broker when we need reliable BOVs, a realistic assessment of sale expectations and market conditions, and quick action.

Michael L. Wachtell

Court Appointed Receiver Shareholder at Buchalter

Selling property in receivership requires knowledge of the court’s requirements to approve such sales, what rights and powers receivers have and what they can convey. The Seymour Group not only knows this, but is able to get top dollar for receivership properties. As a receiver, working with The Seymour Group makes my life a lot easier.

Peter Davidson

Senior Partner at Ervin Cohen & Jessup Bankruptcy, Receivership and Creditors’ Rights Department