Trustees will tell you that one of the most important requirements of their brokers is having the proper documentation needed to close the file. We see to it that all necessary documentation is provided — and prepared in a format that best addresses the client’s needs. Every individual who works on our team has an understanding of the process and knows how to work within the guidelines of the Trust.

We have represented Trust departments in the sale of assets for Union bank and Northern Trust. With this depth of experience our team has the technical expertise to market your property and close.


We have the capability to deliver a broker’s price opinion — on demand — so that your needs are met. We know this is a crucial part of your business, so we strive to craft a basis that establishes a properties value.


The Seymour Group provides detailed records of inquiries, marketing, status of a potential buyer’s level of interest and offers. We protect the property’s value during the sale process.

We are involved in all aspects of the sales process.
This provides an invaluable resource — access to a decision maker who is skilled at negotiating preferred deal terms and is readily available for consultation.


Time Is Money, And The Seymour Group Won’t Waste Either

When it comes to closing sales at a targeted price, few can match our record of success.